I AM writing to complain about the plans for Broad Street in Hereford. I am 80 years old and have lived in Hereford all of my life.

My grandfather Mr AC Edwards and his son Mr AC Edwards owned 16-18 Alban House in High Town, Hereford, for 100 years as they traded.

I am disabled and cannot walk.

I need my car and I need to park in Broad Street at least two times a week. I go early so I can park.


If you take this away, where am I going to park? There are no car parks near the city centre. There are many people who do need to park. You have forgotten them; you just think of the young.

We have a lot to give but you just forget the elderly. It is not on.

I have spoken to Coun Elizabeth Foxton about this new vision. It may look OK on paper but it does not do anything for Hereford.


My family did a lot for Hereford and I have many photos of good times, but we are now in bad times. You do need to think carefully. Where is the bypass?

It is needed. Back in 1952, the council wrote to my father and said it was going to take 6ft off our garden for the bypass, but it never happened.

Do remember the old and elderly and disabled? If you do not, Hereford will be a dead city.



What are your thoughts?

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