MEET the Amos family, who are the faces behind a vending machine that has caught the eye of business, hotels, cafes, and primary schools across the county.

Great Trewen Milk Shed is based in Llangrove, in Ross-on-Wye, and this is where the family started their expanding business incorporating local food with diversified farming.

Their milk vending machine and milkshake bar can be found at the Llangrove Village Hall but since this was set up the farm has started supplying different locally sourced food and drink to many all over the Herefordshire.

The farm is run by Chris and Heather Amos in partnership with Chris's parent's, Frank, and Pat Amos.

Son in law Ian Dowlman works full time on the farm helping with milking, feeding, animal welfare and all the essential jobs.

Hereford Times: Heather Amos delivers fresh local cakes to her Milk Shed in Llangrove. Picture: Rob DaviesHeather Amos delivers fresh local cakes to her Milk Shed in Llangrove. Picture: Rob Davies (Image: Rob Davies)


Daughters Jo Dowlman and Lucy Amos can also be found helping on the farm and with the milk shed when not out at work and take a large role in the social media accounts.

When at the Milk Shed you will also see Ian and Jo's two children helping.

Lucy's partner Matthew can occasionally be found around the farm fixing machinery and helping when not at work as an agricultural engineer.

Holstein Friesian cows spend their days during spring, summer and autumn enjoying the Herefordshire countryside at the farm.

During the winter they are housed in sheds with beds of straw and fed fodder collected earlier in the year.

Three years ago, in 2019 when dairy farming as an industry just kept going downhill with farmers not receiving a fair price for the milk, Chris and Heather decided it was time to do something different.

Hereford Times: The Amos family have expanded their vending machine idea and have now expanded. Picture: Rob DaviesThe Amos family have expanded their vending machine idea and have now expanded. Picture: Rob Davies (Image: Rob Davies)


The pair looked into glamping pods but then Heather mentioned seeing a milk vending machine.

From this they investigated in great detail what was required and whether it was an option for the family farm.

"After many months of deliberation in March 2020 they were very lucky to get pasteuriser delivered," said a spokesperson from the farm.

While it was being loaded on to the lorry the factory doors were closed due to Covid, and nothing left the factory for many months.

After a month of hard work from everyone, from building the shed to food hygiene training in April 2020, the farm was very honoured to have the first milk vending machine to open in Herefordshire.

Hereford Times: Great Trewen Milk Shed, in Llangrove. Picture: Rob DaviesGreat Trewen Milk Shed, in Llangrove. Picture: Rob Davies (Image: Rob Davies)

This was something that had gone from a plan to real life and was a big change for the whole family.

"The adventure was only just starting," said the spokesperson.

"This is when the Great Trewen Milkshed became a part of the community and wow, it was well supported by the local community and those from far and wide."

When Covid restrictions were lifted the family sent out their first delivery of fresh whole milk travelling only one mile.

The family prides themselves in helping people to have zero waste as the glass bottles are dishwasher safe and reusable.

"All milk that is delivered is taken out in food grade re-usable containers, which cuts down on a large amount of plastic waste that some of these businesses used to have," said the spokesperson.

"We are proud to work alongside so many local business, schools, and nurseries.

"We would like to thank everyone for their support and please feel free to get in touch if you would be interested in whole fresh milk for your business.