MEET the Herefordshire farming family who have made it their mission to put their cows first and share milkshakes with the county.

Whole Moo World is a dairy farm in Bodenham owned by the James family, who have opened two milk and milkshake machines in Herefordshire.

The first opened at Saffron’s Cross Garage, along the A417 in Bodenham, just two miles away from the farm.

After this one was such a hit with people from across Herefordshire the team asked people if they wanted to see another pop up and where.

Hereford Times: Brothers Jacob James and Samuel James with their father Mark JamesBrothers Jacob James and Samuel James with their father Mark James


After casting a vote, they have now opened another milkshake vending machine in Leominster, which can be found at Hintons, in Worcester Road.

It is open 24 hours a day seven day a week with four permanent flavours – strawberry, chocolate, banana, and vanilla – and two or three specials which are voted for by their followers on social media.

The business is family run by brothers Jacob James and Samuel James, as well as their father Mark James.

Though they believe they aren’t as important as their cows, also known as their moos, and what they are doing – with Big Mumma at the helm as, what the family have jokingly call, Prime moo-minister.

Hereford Times: Their milkshake vending machines can be found in Bodenham and LeominsterTheir milkshake vending machines can be found in Bodenham and Leominster

The James’ used to be dairy farmers, Jacob being the third generation, but went out of the industry in 2015 amid a milk crisis when they were flattened by the First Milk struggles. But they re-joined last year.


The family took the time out to see how one might do things differently and came up with the idea using robotics and where the cows are in charge, meaning in essence they work for them.

The cows are given open straw yards as opposed to cubicles, less human involvement, free range to go inside or outside, and the option to milk when they want.

Every decision is based on what is best for their cows, rather than what is best for them as business owners.

Hereford Times: The vending machine in Bodenham was instantly popularThe vending machine in Bodenham was instantly popular

“What we are doing isn’t simply a family ran business putting up a milk vending machine in some part of the county, but something a little deeper,” said Jacob.

“Dairy farming and agriculture, which are staple industries in Herefordshire, come under a lot of bad press so often by the public.

“There are wonderful examples to contradict the growing narrative, but they don’t get commented on and we hope that with what we are doing we can shine a light on examples that should be celebrated. There is more to it than people being enterprising.”