FARMS across Herefordshire have set up new milkshake vending machines in a bid to diversify.

The machines are dotted around the county at garages, butchers, and farms for people to pick up an organic shake or pint of milk 24 hours a day.

For many it is to create the opportunity for people to have a choice in where their produce comes from.

Here’s a list of places you can get an organic milkshake in Herefordshire:

Whole Moo Farm

Hereford Times: Whole Moo Farm milkshake vending machine at Saffrons garage, in BodenhamWhole Moo Farm milkshake vending machine at Saffrons garage, in Bodenham

Whole Moo World is a dairy farm based in Bodenham which has come up with a new way to diversify farming.

Just two miles away from its farm is a vending machine at Saffrons Cross Garage, in A417 Gloucester Road, where bottles of fresh milk from the past 24 hours are ready for customers to buy every day.


The farm’s cows are free to roam their pastures or lie down in a huge open straw yard rather than being housed in cubicles.

The family run business started up from scratch in 2021 with robotics and an ethos of making all decisions based upon what the cow would want.

Wild Cow Dairy

Hereford Times: Wild Cow Dairy at Legges of BromyardWild Cow Dairy at Legges of Bromyard

Wicton Farm, home to the Wild Cow dairy, has been bringing Bromyard high quality natural organic milk, milkshakes, and local farm produce 24 hours a day.

The eye catching purple Milkbot vending machine next to Legges of Bromyard arrived two weeks ago and has been providing a unique opportunity to connect people directly with where their food comes from and their local farmers.

Wicton Farm, based just two miles outside of Bromyard, is one of the town’s closest dairy farms.


The touch screen makes it easy to operate and allows them to be directly involved in making their milkshake.

“It has been especially popular with children,” said the spokesperson.

Great Trewen Milk shed

Fresh locally produced milk is available from the Great Trewen Milk Shed which can be found at Llangrove village hall, near Ross-on-Wye.

People can use different flavoured syrups at the shed to make their own milkshakes.

The milk from the farm’s free-range cows is gently pasteurised on farm and travels just one mile to the Milk Shed.

You can buy glass, reusable bottles, alongside butter, eggs, cakes, and seasonal fruit.


Merrimilk Milk

Merrimilk is produced at Merrivale Farm, in Little Birch, near Hereford, by the Mason family and its herd of Pedigree Holstein Friesian Cows.

Couple Bob and Sue Mason moved themselves and 60 cows to the farm from Staffordshire in 1981.

The herd has steadily grown and there are now 180 cows on the farm.

Originally the cows were milked in a parlour, where they were brought in twice a day and one person would attach the milking machines to them.

This was changed and moved to robotic milking in 2007 and now three milking robots do the work so the cows sort of milk themselves.

The robots run 24 hours a day and milk one cow at a time, it's all automated meaning the cows take themselves in to be milked.

Inside their milking hut people can buy pints of milk and turn it into a milkshake with their different syrups directly from the farm.

Other products such as freshly made local apple juice can also be found in the hut.