A FILM which was partly shot at a popular Herefordshire diner is now available to watch worldwide.

A short film produced in Herefordshire and Bristol has secured worldwide distribution to an audience of 20 million plus.

Wearing The Trousers was filmed back in 2021 in Leominster at the American-styled OK Diner with the shoot taking place over one evening in late November 2021.

A short, romantic-comedy, Wearing The Trousers was produced by Bristol-based indie production company, Toad Abode Productions and directed by company director, Rhys Freeman, a multi-award winning director, producer and screenwriter.


The film stars UK-based actors, Amber Doig-Thorne and Joe Carmichael, both also with popular social media following.

They play Maddie and Ryan, two close friends in their early 20s who argue who would wear the trousers in their relationship if they were dating in a hypothetical world.

The film is a familiar throwback to romantic classics bundled into a seven-minute short film that sees one another test each other to the limit before the cliff-hangar ending.

The production made use of local extras from the Leominster and Herefordshire area to fill the diner.

Toad Abode Productions prides itself on using local talent. Most crew members still work closely with Toad Abode Productions on their many current projects that are ongoing.


The film's writer, producer and director Rhys Freeman said of the distribution deal: "This film was the biggest challenge we had in 2021, logistically and creatively, yet it was the most enthralling and rewarding looking at where we are now with global distribution and many more options on the table.

"It was fantastic to bring to life something so colourful, warm, and familiar to our audience and now to global audiences."

Global audiences can now rent Wearing The Trousers for $0.99 per download, or subscribe to Sofy.TV and watch unlimited short films for $1.99 a month after a 30-day free trial.

Viewers can sign up to the platform and watch the film using this link.