A HEREFORDSHIRE garage has kept its prices low as its owner says it is “very sad” to see the supermarkets being so “greedy”.

Sharon Collin, owner of Saffron's Cross Garage in Bodenham, said she hasn’t changed her prices due to her contracted prices.

But she also wants to be honest unlike the supermarkets.

"It is very sad," she said.

“People should be boycotting the supermarkets."


The garage, which can be found along the A417 between Hereford and Leominster, is currently selling petrol for 159.9p per litre and 176.9p per litre for diesel.

This is around 10p less than fuel prices at supermarket petrol stations in Hereford.

Asda is currently selling petrol at 167.7p and Sainsburys at 167.9p.

According to the RAC, average petrol prices in the UK are 172.3p and 183.32 for diesel.

This means Saffrons Garage is selling petrol 12p cheaper than average and 15p cheaper.


Ms Collins works 80 hours a week and wants to make a profit but will remain honest.

“It’s not about being greedy it should be about being realistic and sensible,” she said.

The garage has been busy as people have picked up on its cheap prices, with some passing by and driving back to fill up, she said.

She hopes people will continue to support independents during the cost-of-living crisis, especially as most are keeping their prices fair.

“It’s about honest and treating people properly,” she said.

Saffron's Cross Garage is also looking for staff. It was due to open a post office but can’t until the places are filled.

“We would love people to apply,” said Ms Collin.