A MASS of timber has forced the closure of a footpath and bridge in Herefordshire, leaving people in the area concerned over the state of the area.

Councillor Roger Phillips said he and his neighbours in his ward of Staunton want Herefordshire Council to sort out the blockage that was caught by the Gigg footbridge last winter.

The force of the water flow trapped the timber at the bridge and has bent the iron and the timber is still resting on the bridge.

Although they want the bridge replaced at some point their immediate concern is the removal of the timber blockage, said Mr Phillips.


"Despite being informed months ago by myself and others the council has delayed its actions," he said.

"This should all have been done and the work carried out by now given the dry conditions of the adjoining land and low river level."


The timber has forced a footpath and causing damage to the footbridge Picture: Roger Phillips

The timber has forced a footpath and causing damage to the footbridge Picture: Roger Phillips


A failure to get this done now means the mass will be there during winter.

They worry that more timber will come down the stream and potentially pushing the bridge away and damaging a weir just a few hundred metres downstream.


The site is also next to an erosion section of the riverbank protecting the main highway into Staunton and more timber could rupture the stone cages protecting the highway, he said.

Finally, there are people who live in two homes near to the blocked part of the river who have expressed concern to Mr Phillips about increased flood risk.

A Herefordshire Council spokesperson said: “We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the closure of the Gig footbridge.

"The footbridge has been closed for safety reasons following a timber blockage in the watercourse below.

"The timber has become an established part of the surrounding habitat which is home to a range of species.

"We are currently working with ecologists to carry out surveys and establish the scope of the works required to safely remove the blockage.”