A VILLAGE shop in Herefordshire has applied for a premises licence so it can start selling alcohol.

Geraldine Summers, of Orleton Post Office and Stores, between Leominster and Ludlow, has applied for the licence from Herefordshire Council.

The application, for the shop in Kitchen Hill Road, asks for permission to sell alcohol between 8am and 11pm seven days a week.

As part of the process, the shop must show how it will meet the four licencing objectives before permission is granted - which the shop wants to be as soon as possible.


To meet the prevention of crime and disorder objective, the shop said it will keep an incident log which will record all reported crimes, all ejections, complaints, any incidents of disorder, any refusal of the sale of alcohol and any visit by a relevant authority or emergency service.

Staff will also undergo training before they can sell alcohol and there will be refresher courses every 12 months. No open containers shall be removed from the shop, the application added.

The public safety box of the application form was left blank, but to prevent public nuisance, the shop said it will make sure the area outside the shop is checked for litter at least once every hour during opening hours. Any litter will then be put in the bin.


To protect children from harm, the shop said it will operate a Challenge 25 policy where anyone who looks younger than 25 will be asked for ID when trying to buy restricted items.

A written register of refusals will be kept for 12 months and there will be no adult entertainment or services or activities.

Richard Dobson has been named as designated premises supervisor, should the application be granted.

A decision will be made by Herefordshire COuncil in due course.