A POPULAR bistro is being reopened today (March 1) under a new name. 

Gilbies, which is tucked away off Commercial Street in the centre, closed its doors last October.

At the time, it was run by Rob Stead and his wife Hayley, who took over in 2016. 

However, they said that the combination of Covid, ill health, the rising cost of suppliers and utilities, along with the declining footfall to the city, left them with little choice but to close the business.


However, it has now been taken over by Herefordshire chefs Mickey Provis and William Chambers, with the bistro called '2 Bridges'.

It will reopen at 4pm today where locals can enjoy drinks and canapés before an evening of music and partying starts from 9pm.

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Mr Provis was the chef of the Bridge in Michaelchurch Escley, while Mr Chambers rustled up the food at the Bridge Inn, Kentchurch."We have known each other whilst working in our pubs, often deliveries would end up in each other's pubs by mistake and quite often bookings would take the wrong turn too," said Mr Chambers. 

When you are in Gilbies you are almost transported," he said.
"You could be anywhere in the world , almost like Gilbies has its own time. 

"Like the pubs, where we both simultaneously served local fresh food, prepared with a lot of love and served these alongside some fantastic drinks, you can expect the same level of care and attention to detail they both had there.

"But at 2 Bridges, we are going tapas and sharing plates, using all local produce with a continental flair. And like the pubs, if you just want to come for a beer or cocktail, the doors are always open."