AN UPDATE has been given about Hereford jobs that were revealed to be at risk, as the Body Shop announced that many of its branches would close.

The company has a shop in Hereford city centre, employing local people, and with the news that some Body Shops were closing, there were concerns about the stability of the Hereford branch.

But the Body Shop has listed the next 75 branches to close within four to six weeks, with Hereford not making the list. This means that the jobs of those at the Body Shop in Hereford are believed to be safe for now.


Some of the Body Shops that will be closing include Cirencester, Telford, Salisbury, Trowbridge and Wolverhampton, as well as shops in big cities like Manchester and London, and in many other towns and cities around the UK.

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The Body Shop fell into administration earlier this month according to administrators FRP.

Hereford's branch of the Body Shop is at the corner of Gomond Street and Commercial Street, opposite the old Laura Ashley shop, which is now a Midlands Air Ambulance charity shop. 

The retailer was founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick and her husband Gordon as one of the first companies to promote "ethical consumerism" focusing on ethically produced cosmetics and skincare products.