A PARKING ban has been suggested on certain roads around B&M, Halfords and Dunelm in Hereford.

Herefordshire Council is proposing to paint new double yellow lines in Mortimer Road and Perseverance Road, near the retail parks in Holmer Road.

There are already a number of parking restrictions in place around Hereford Trade Park, Hereford Retail Park and Spur Retail Park, with more now in the pipeline.


A draft order has now been published to add to the existing double yellow lines in the Holmer Road access road.

The new lines have been mooted for either end of Perseverance Road and Mortimer Road's junction with the A49 Newtown Road.

Mark Averill, Herefordshire Council's interim service director for highways, environment and waste said the new restrictions would help avoid danger to people or other traffic using the roads, or for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising.

It would also help preserve and improve the amenity of the area and the expeditious, convenient, and safe movement of traffic.

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He said it would also prevent vehicles from parking opposite one another on both sides of the road which could cause obstruction for vehicles attempting to navigate that road and prevent vehicles from parking close to junctions thereby improving visibility and safety for vehicles navigating them.

Anyone caught breaking the new rules, if imposed, can be fined if they do not have a valid exemption.

Objections to the proposal must be made to Traffic Management Team, ADL Traffic and Highways Engineering Ltd, ADL House, Oaklands Business Park, Armstrong Way, Yate, Bristol BS37 5NA, or by email to WC@adltraffic.co.uk.

The deadline for the receipt of objections is midday on Friday, February 10.

What are the exemption for parking on double yellow lines?

Herefordshire Council said nothing in the draft order shall stop any vehicle from waiting for as long as reasonably necessary in the following circumstances:

  • The vehicle is directed to stop or wait by or with the permission of a police officer or Civil Enforcement Officer in uniform
  • The vehicle is being used for emergency services purposes
  • To prevent a road traffic collision 
  • The vehicle cannot be moved due to an unavoidable breakdown
  • The vehicle, not being a Passenger Vehicle, is stopped or waiting only for so long as may be reasonably necessary to enable it to be used for the purpose of any building operation, demolition or excavation or the maintenance, improvement or reconstruction of any said lengths of road or the laying erection, alteration, removal or repair of any sewer or of any main, pipe or apparatus for the supply of gas, water or electricity or any telegraphic line or traffic sign in any said lengths of road
  • The vehicle, not being a Passenger Vehicle, is in actual use in connection with the removal of furniture from one office or dwelling house to another or the removal of furniture from such premises to a depository or to such premises from a depository, provided that notice is given twenty-four hours in advance to the Council and their consent is obtained and any conditions imposed are complied with
  • The vehicle is being used for the purpose of delivering or collecting postal packets


Other reasons include:

  • The vehicle is waiting for the purposes of loading or unloading that vehicle, provided the loading/unloading is continuous and being undertaken in a timely manner, the goods being loaded/unloaded cannot be reasonably carried other than by means of a vehicle, the vehicle is waiting adjacent to where the goods are being loaded/unloaded from/to and the length of time the vehicle is waiting for is reasonable
  • To allow the picking up or setting down of passengers
  • The vehicle is a cleaning or refuse vehicle collecting rubbish in the immediate vicinity
  •  The vehicle is waiting for the purpose of removing an obstruction to traffic
  •  The vehicle is a liveried utility company being used in connection with works of that utility in the immediate vicinity
  • The vehicle is a Disabled Persons Vehicle, provided the vehicle does not wait for longer than three hours and at least one hour has elapsed following a previous period of waiting by the vehicle in the same road or part of a road
  •  The vehicle is displaying a valid Temporary Parking Restriction Dispensation Permit issued by the Council