A HEREFORD Chinese takeaway has tried to explain how a worm allegedly ended up in its noodles.

A post on Facebook suggested that a customer at 2J Chinese Takeaway, in Union Street, had found the creature in a meal.

But the owners have now spoken out about the alleged incident.


They said a customer claimed to have found a worm in the noodles the takeaway prepared and delivered to them.

The worm returned to the takeaway still alive, they said.

"It is quite astonishing to see that the worm still stayed alive after thorough pipping hot cooking of the noodles," a statement said.

It also said the worm was returned in a glass cup that was not from the takeaway.

"It seemed that the worm might have been moved from our noodle container to the cup," it said.


"There was quite an effort to move the live worm over. The cup also gave a strong smell of perfume and nobody in our takeaway used perfume of any kind.

"There may be a lack of authentication between the worm and the food we prepared.

"We would like to emphasise that we always welcome comments of any kind from our customers for improvement of our products and services under whatever circumstances and in whatever cases."

The takeaway, with a two-star food hygiene rating, said whether or not there is any misunderstanding in this incident, in addition to a full refund to our customer involved in the incident, it sincerely apologised to them for any inconvenience caused.

It also wanted to reassure that it would take the utmost effort to avoid a recurrence in the future.