A HEREFORD business is offering a 20 per cent discount to anyone who says they're a "chav, roadman or Stone Island enthusiast" after a pub announced a controversial ban.

The Orange Tree pub, in King Street, said it would no longer let in drinkers who were wearing sportswear, hoodies, tracksuits, bum bags or Stone Island-branded clothing, associated with football hooliganism, any day of the week.

People aged under 21 would also not be allowed in on Friday or Saturday evenings as the landlord tried to crackdown on youngsters who caused problems at the pub.

Hereford Times: A Stone Island hoodie, worn by a model. Picture: Stone IslandA Stone Island hoodie, worn by a model. Picture: Stone Island

But in light of the ban, Loaded Burritos in the Butter Market said it would offer a £1 discount on its £5 burritos to anyone who identified as a "chav, roadman or Stone Island enthusiast" until the end of the week.

Barnaby Williams, who owns the takeaway and The Loft Cinema in the city, said: "In light of yesterday's news when everyone was going a bit mad about it (the ban), I thought it would be a good way to drum up a bit of business.


"I just thought it'd be a bit funny and it went a bit viral.

"They (loaded burritos) are usually £5 each, but they're £4 each for people who identify as that way."

He added: "We're open from 9am until 3pm every day and burritos are £4 each for anyone, they don't even have to be in the outfit, who identifies as one."

Hereford Times: The Orange Tree pub in Hereford's King Street. Picture: SWNSThe Orange Tree pub in Hereford's King Street. Picture: SWNS

Meanwhile, a Hereford clothing retailer has thrown his support behind the Italian brand Stone Island after the pub's ban.

Giovanni Calandra, who owns Calandras Menswear in Church Street, said he had been wearing Stone Island clothes for more than 32years after first buying it in Italy in 1989.

"Stone Island is a phenomenon in the world of designer branded clothing and has created such innovative pieces as the Raso Gommato, Tela Stella, Reflective, Formula Steel etcetera," he said.

Hereford Times: A Stone Island jacket, as worn by a model. Picture: Stone IslandA Stone Island jacket, as worn by a model. Picture: Stone Island

"People have their own opinions about the brand but personally, I think that it is one of the most premium and sought after brands on the market at this current time.

"I have a vested interest in the brand with a business I am involved with in Italy. There is more to Stone Island than just the badge, stigma and cult following."

The Orange Tree Landlord Brian Hoyle caused controversy by barring under 21's from the Orange Tree at weekends due to youngsters being "unable to handle their booze", along with the new dress code.


Mr Hoyle defended the decision and said it was part of his mission to make The Orange Tree a "proper" Hereford pub again.

He added: "The youngsters don't know how to handle themselves in a pub.

"A lot of them turned 18 during lockdown and are just misbehaving to be fair, and putting off other customers.

"There's probably people in their 40s or 50s who wear it (Stone Island and sportswear), but I'm trying to make a statement.

"It's those sort of young ones who are causing trouble.

"There's a lot of young chavs, or roadmen, with bum bags in Hereford, if you know what I mean, been frequenting the pub and they don't know how to behave."