I COMPLETELY agree with Carola Morton’s letter last week about the dangers of brainless cyclists in pedestrian areas (Letters, June 6).

She mentioned that in other places elderly pedestrians have been knocked down and killed by wretched uncaring cyclists, and asked how long before it happens in Hereford.

Sadly, Carola, it already has.


I remember reading about an elderly lady visiting the city who was knocked down and killed in the High Town area. Perhaps other readers recall this tragic story.

What are your thoughts?

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Letters should not exceed 250 words and local issues take precedence.

And it’s throughout the whole of Hereford. But nothing will be done about it, and it will only get worse. Cycle paths? What a waste of time and money.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong here but to me it seems more accidents caused by moronic pavement cyclists are inevitable, maybe fatal ones.