TOILET-induced screams might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for one Herefordshire family they are a sign of better things!

With so many dreadful stories about pollution in the river Wye, one local family business is taking a bold approach to reduce its environmental impact.

With over 18,000 visitors a year, Hoarwithy’s Tresseck Campsite, on the banks of the Wye, is a popular destination to enjoy and experience the special beauty of the Wye Valley. But with many visitors, comes great difficulties in disposing of the human waste they generate in a responsible, environmentally friendly way.

Jeff Goulding and his wife Sarah took on running the family campsite eight years ago and set about overcoming this great challenge. Given that toilets with underground drains and tanks aren’t possible due to the proximity of the site to the river Wye and the fact the area floods most winters, all waste must be captured and taken off site.

“For many years portable toilets had been our only option,” Mr Goulding said.


These gave only poor customer experience and environmentally unfriendly blue chemical waste. The business searched for an alternative for years before finally locating an eco-friendly vacuum system, similar to those on aircraft and trains, that only used half a litre of water (five per cent of the highest average amount), used no chemicals and sucked the waste from the toilets to above-ground tanks.

But this “green technology” came at a heavy price, with costings for the project at approximately £160,000.

“It was only a generous grant from Herefordshire Council’s Rural Enterprise Fund, part of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, that made it viable.,” Mr Goulding said.

The fund also allowed the campsite to accommodate those with physical disabilities with a wheelchair accessible toilet.

Despite the financial blow, Mr Goulding said they are delighted to provide sustainable, eco-friendly toilets and a great customer experience… despite the “loud sucking noise” flushing makes.

“You sometimes hear a faint scream before a child opens the door with eyes wide open!” Mr Goulding said.

“We tell everyone on arrival of the ‘vacuum toilet experience’, but I think some parents don’t tell their kids on purpose.”