NOT long ago a motorist got into difficulties in Bewell Street, imagining that they had a route through to High Town despite the bollards to Widemarsh Street being up.

Police were needed to show them how, via Tesco car park, they could escape the area. I wish police were also available to deal with the silent menace of cyclists in what are supposed to be pedestrian areas.


There have recently been several instances nationally where elderly pedestrians have been knocked over and killed by thoughtless cyclists. How long before this happens in central Hereford?

Beside the cycle parking bay in High Town, there was until very recently a street map of the area showing very clearly which parts are pedestrian access only. Maybe cyclists parking their bikes sometimes even looked at it?

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Two who probably did not were creating havoc on Tuesday afternoon this week, racing each other down either side of Eign Gate, weaving in and out between the planters (missing by inches anyone sitting there), and scattering pedestrians (some mothers with small children, some elderly and needing walking aids), before hurtling on into High Town.

These two were louts, but even sensible cyclists can be alarming.

A disabled person using a walking aid needs to concentrate on every step they take. They do not have wing mirrors, and the sudden silent appearance of a cyclist, missing them by inches in what is supposed to be a pedestrian area, is scary indeed.