A HUGE clean up operation is now underway after storms caused severe damage in a Herefordshire town. 

Highway maintenance teams are in Ross-on-Wye trying to repair the carnage that saw roads and pavements ripped up yesterday (May 12). 

The torrential downpour saw water gush down roads, with bricks and stonework washed away. 

It resulted in paving setts being loosed in Broad Street, and also damaged the tarmac road surface when water welled up from underneath.


Hereford Times: Highway maintenance teams are in the town centreHighway maintenance teams are in the town centre (Image: Bridie Adams/Hereford Times)

The storm water also damaged businesses in Brookend Street which continues northwards from Broad Street. 

While Broad Street remains closed; Brookend Street has now reopened.  

In a statement, Ross Town Council said it was shocked to see the extent of the damage. 

Hereford Times: The extent of the damageThe extent of the damage (Image: Bridie Adams/Hereford Times)

"Town councillors have this morning been working closely with Herefordshire Council and Balfour Beatty to establish the situation. 

Hereford Times: Broad Street is currently closedBroad Street is currently closed (Image: Bridie Adams/Hereford Times)

"We are awaiting updates on the situation regarding the destruction to the pavement.

Hereford Times: Roads and pavements were damagedRoads and pavements were damaged (Image: Bridie Adams/Hereford Times)

The town council is very conscious of the impact to the businesses around the area, and we do hope there will be help from the county council for them.

Hereford Times: A Balfour Beatty lorry in Ross-on-Wye today (Monday)A Balfour Beatty lorry in Ross-on-Wye today (Monday) (Image: Bridie Adams/Hereford Times)

"The councillors will continue to push the county council to act as quickly as possible while ensuring that the remedial work is carried out to a high standard."