MAY I through your pages bring attention to something that is urgently, urgently needed with regard to the S-shaped bridge at the Burcott, Hereford.

I use this road regularly, so do many, many others. The huge number of heavy lorries having to negotiate the bridge’s narrowness and shape is an accident waiting to happen. The side of the road, with no grass verge and with an inch or two of space from the tarmac, is falling away to a sheer drop in places on either side leading up to the bridge. A couple of bollards mark some spots of concern.

If those are hit, over goes the vehicle with disastrous results, including possible death.

What are your thoughts?

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With a bypass in the offing, please straighten and widen this bridge, immediately, which in turn could lead to an eastern bypass. North and eastern residents of the city will use it to go to the refuge centre at our big hub, that is the Rotherwas estate and its businesses, so will all the lorries using the market and the northern incoming traffic, rather than go through the city.

The western bypass doesn’t go directly to Rotherwas, thus making it unviable. Council take note, please. Eastern side can connect directly to, via Rotherwas, the Ross road, M50 and Abergavenny Road, it all makes enormous sense.

Yes, where is the non-resident architect’s report that cost thousands of tax-payer’s money no doubt, for a years work, regarding traffic infrastructure?