HEREFORDSHIRE Lib Dems leader and prospective parliamentary candidate Dan Powell’s Talking Point article ‘We all need a bypass’ includes no active reference to the existence of public transport (April 18).

The article’s very low key reference to public transport – “active travel” – is a bypass in itself.


He also makes no reference to climate catastrophe that exacerbates the development of potholes. How bad would the potholes be by the time a bypass is built if started upon now? How many buses already go through Rotherwas? As a lifelong nondriver, it seems to me that there is a clear social class divide regarding transport options, with those car drivers who never use public transport thinking that a bypass is the only valid option.

Realising that many car users take advantage of the boot space that is unseen in photos of cars on the road, how about increasing luggage space within bus seating areas so as to accommodate them better, and making outlying bus services more frequent?

What are your thoughts?

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Meanwhile, I now realise that the concept of “walking with heavy shopping helps build muscle mass and bone density”

(Diabetes Prevention Programme dogma) should come with age related caveats.

I shall continue carrying heavy shopping on public transport with the aid of a wheelie case as an environmentally-friendly ‘car boot’ and still benefit from the exercise involved in ‘active travel’.