COLIN Thomas kindly describes me as a “decent old-fashioned Conservative”, a charge to which I am more than happy to plead guilty (Letters, April 25).

And by implication, he is right to recognise that there are small-c conservatives in every political party, whatever labels they may have.

My leaflets are in the same vein. Unlike a lot of others, they are not negative, they do not make political promises, and they do not seek to stoke culture wars or play identity politics.


On the contrary, they try to lay out my record in the county over the last 14 years, so that local people can judge it for themselves. I am proud of that record, and I think it bears comparison with that of any MP in the House of Commons.

As for national politics, Herefordians are more than capable of taking a view on that without a lot of unsolicited advice from me or others locally.

And, whatever the goings-on in Westminster, they are more than capable of taking a view of who, whatever their label, is best placed to represent them as their MP.


MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire