THE recent debate on the merits of our local MP Jesse Norman is timely, as a leaflet came through the door today setting out his undoubted achievements for Herefordshire.

Mr Norman is, however, a Conservative who for fourteen years has supported a Government that has broken Britain with a series of policy disasters, including a misconceived austerity programme, Brexit and economic policies that have led to a stagnant economy with low growth, declining public services and record levels of taxation.

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They also at times have demonstrated an incredible level of incompetence in just managing the business of Government. It is perhaps therefore not surprising that his latest leaflet makes no mention of the Conservative Party apart from a technical reference to use of data.

Perhaps his best course of action is for him to leave the Tories and join the Liberal Democrats which might provide a better match for his liberal views on such topics as the Rwanda plan which he has described, rightly, as ugly.

Certainly, as a decent old fashioned Conservative he has no place in the populist right wing rabble which makes up the current incarnation of the Tory Party.