DOG poo problems plaguing locals in one Herefordshire village are rumbling on... with an educational leaflet to be sent out instead of a new poo bin placed.

Dog poo was revealed to be causing upset in the parish at the end of last year, when the local council heard about the extent of the foul problem.

The issue of owners not picking up after their dogs is not limited to pavements, the council heard, with one local in Hope Under Dinmore's Cherrybrook Close telling councillors that the issue is a particular problem in the play area.


The local requested that the council consider erecting a dog waste bin, the minutes said, with the costings, issues associated with emptying, and possible vandalism discussed.

Hope under Dinmore parish council agreed that, in the first instance, Stonewater Housing Association should be made aware of the request with a view to them financing a bin.

But, minutes from the council's March meeting reveal, locals will have to wait a while longer before new bins are installed... with the council instead opting to send a leaflet to village homes.

The leaflet will highlight the health and safety issues associated with not picking up dog waste.

The minutes said that a dog poo bin had been requested by a local to be placed in the middle of the play area "where there is constantly a problem with dog waste", but that the complainant would instead be asked to monitor the situation before placing a dog poo bin within Cherrybrook could be reconsidered.

Dog poo has been a problem for many Herefordshire villages in recent months, with Yarpole moving to potentially ban dogs from the Community Meadow last year.

Similar measures are being taken in Wigmore, where the parish council said last year that it would be requesting a public spaces protection order to ban dogs from the Bury Lane playing fields, while an order is already in place for the Kingsmeadow infants play area.

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But in Bromyard, minutes from a 2023 meeting revealed, the council's properties committee said the town would not be taking action to provide more facilities to dispose of dog poo, despite many taking to social media to complain of dog poo being left lying on pavements and other areas including in the children's play equipment area of the Kempson Players playing field.

Bromyard councillors acknowledged the presence of dog faeces as a problem on the pavements and in other areas of the town, the minutes said, but felt that the cost was quite considerable given that there are already suitable bins on town council property that can be used for dog waste.

It was resolved not to install any dog poo bins at the time.

What is the law on dog poo?

Dog poo is a health hazard, and all dog owners have a legal duty to clean up after their dog.

Failure to do so could result in a dog control order with an £80 fixed penalty notice, or a maximum fine of £1,000.

If you spot dog poo being left on streets or public areas, you can report it to Herefordshire Council by visiting