A YOUNG mother from Hereford nearly died while having surgery in Turkey.

Chloe Quick, who is a health care assistant at Hereford County Hospital on a zero hours contract, was put in a medically induced coma last Friday (April 26) after she had surgery for a gastric sleeve. 

The 23-year-old's family was told there was only a 50/50 chance that she would pull through and the next 24 hours were crucial.

"This was life or death for Chloe, her family and close friends have been so worried the last few days not knowing if she was going to make it home to her two-year-old son," said Chloe's best friend, Leah Mattson. 


"Chloe has always worried about money and the only thing she was scared of before her surgery was handing over that large amount of money, never did she believe she would nearly not come home."

The surgery was believed to have been a success at first, but later in the evening, Chloe had a sharp pain and a lot of blood gushed into her drain.

"They asked if it was normal and medical staff told her that it was normal," added Leah.

Up until this point of the sharp pain there was no blood in the drain at all.

Hereford Times: Chloe Quick with her two-year-old sonChloe Quick with her two-year-old son (Image: Submitted)

"Then around 5am Turkish time Chloe went to the bathroom and fainted falling forwards, her dad called for help and medical staff came running and later said she had a bleed and had to take her to ICU to do an endoscopy to discover where the bleed was coming from."

Following an endoscopy, it was found that Chloe had a ruptured spleen, meaning that Chloe had to have an an emergency surgery and put in a coma. 

Her family have been told that the surgery would cost £5,000, with further costs to come. 

Because of this, Leah has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for it. 

Hereford Times: Leah Mattson (right) has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for her friend Chloe Quick's surgeryLeah Mattson (right) has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for her friend Chloe Quick's surgery (Image: Submitted)

"Chloe is the last person to ask for help when she needs it, she worked her self to the bone to save this money for the surgery doing extra shifts at the hospital," said Leah. 

"Please give what you can to help. I have never made a GoFundMe before but this is something so incredibly close to home for me.

"I had this surgery myself and was an inspiration to Chloe to get it done as mine was successful, it breaks my heart and eats me up that hers went wrong."