A POPULAR postman has said goodbye after serving a Herefordshire village for 32 years. 

Gary Moore has got to know many people in Almeley during his time, but has decided to retire at the age of 60. 

"I started work on part time on December 8, 1986 at Kington Post Office," said Mr Moore. 


"After six months, I moved to Hay-on-Wye where I was for about 10 months. I then moved back to Kington full time, and whilst working there, I met my wife and we have been married 32 years. 

"After four years, I was offered the Almeley round, and I have been on that until my retirement.   

"A few things have happened on my round. I climbed a drainpipe to get into a house after a young child had locked the mother out and I saved a house going on fire after someone had left their bacon on under the grill.

Hereford Times: Gary Moore was thanked for his efforts.Gary Moore was thanked for his efforts. (Image: Rob Davies)

"I also noticed that there was water coming under the door after a major burst. The residents told me they were away on holiday, but I managed to find someone to turn the stopcock off.

"I’ve fed animals for people, watered gardens  and just looked after properties when people on holiday."

To thank him for his service, the village held a special event at the Village Hall.

Hereford Times: Villagers in Almeley loved Gary Moore's cheery wave and greetingsVillagers in Almeley loved Gary Moore's cheery wave and greetings (Image: Rob Davies)

"I was overwhelmed with the generosity of cards and presents and to top it off the wonderful coffee morning where my wife and I were guests of honour," added Mr Moore.

Diane Brain, who lives in Almeley, said everyone will miss Mr Moore's cheery wave and greetings.

"Gary Moore has been far more than a postman over that time, keeping an eye on the older people in the village, delivering letters without proper addresses, passing on news and generally keeping the village linked," she said.