A HEREFORD restaurant has gone viral with a classic British recipe.

The Bookshop has caught the attention of food lovers worldwide with its delicious take on mashed potatoes.

With over 1.4 million views on Instagram, head chef Callum McDonald's viral video has made him an internet sensation, showcasing his unique twist on the classic side dish. 

Situated in Aubrey Street, near the Burger Shop, The Bookshop is known for its British brasserie menu, offering coffee, brunch, lunch, dinner, and acclaimed Sunday roasts.

Mr McDonald prides himself on using locally sourced ingredients to create seasonal dishes that capture the essence of Herefordshire.


His mashed potato method has captivated audiences with its simplicity and flavour. The video's widespread acclaim underscores The Bookshop's ability to turn the everyday into something to be celebrated.

"We're thrilled by the overwhelming response to chef Callum's mashed potato video," said Dorian Kirk, owner of The Bookshop Restaurant.

"At The Bookshop, we aim to offer delicious food, all day with excellent value for money. Chef Callum's approach perfectly embodies our dedication to quality, in even the 'simplest' of dishes"