ONE lucky ticket holder from Hereford scooped a £71 million Euro Millions win five years ago, but where is he today?

Ade Goodchild, a former factory worker from Hereford, went public with his win in March 2019. 

He said that he planned to use his gigantic prize to travel, buy a holiday home on the Algarve and a big new house in Britain with plenty of space for his dogs, a cook and a driver.

He said he had no intention of returning to his job at Special Metals Wiggin in Hereford, where he had worked for 24 years, instead setting his sights on the finer things in life.

In an interview with the Sun seven months after his big win, he said he still buys lottery tickets every week, and had splashed cash on a new home, a silver Range Rover, and a few big nights out in cities around the UK.

Asked if he regretted going public with his win, he said he preferred to melt into the background and live a private life, but chose to waive his anonymity as a lottery winner because he believed he would be outed eventually anyway.

Mr Goodchild advised those who covet his good fortune to look at their own lives and find joy in the relationships they have.


But what has happened to him since 2019 is a mystery, with Mr Goodchild appearing to have shied away from publicity.

Fake accounts have popped up in his name on social media claiming to be giving away large sums of money, but Mr Goodchild himself does not appear to have a public social media presence.

The Hereford Times has contacted National Lottery to ask for more information about Mr Goodchild's life since his win.