WHEN will Herefordshire get the train service it deserves? I admit I don’t use trains as regularly now as I used to but there seem to be problems every time I do.

What are your thoughts?

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Visiting Manchester for a conference last November saw a good journey up on Transport for Wales (TfW) from Leominster but the return journey was woeful. The train was late into Piccadilly and just two coaches on a Friday afternoon service down the Marches line and onto South Wales – on what planet is that suitable? We were crammed in the hot carriages and standing down through Shrewsbury and onto Leominster. TfW has said it is introducing new trains to up capacity but when will services be acceptable?

Then, more recently, West Midlands Railway decided to cancel trains from Birmingham New Street to Hereford due to staff shortages – why always us? Cue a packed Cross Country service to Worcestershire Parkway and a lengthy wait for a Great Western Railway (GWR) service which didn’t terminate at Great Malvern.

GWR has admitted that when there are problems, it cuts services short to get back on track. Herefordshire suffers and is still the poor relation to Worcestershire in so many ways.


Hereford’s MP Jesse Norman raised that problem on Twitter several months ago but when is it time to say enough is enough? With an election looming, we might perhaps hear from our other MP Sir Bill Wiggin on this… it’s more important than 80mph on the M50 given its awful junctions.