ON Saturday at about midnight I woke very suddenly and was very sick. We were concerned it might contain blood so we rang 111.

A very efficient lady took the call and promised someone would get back to us within 45 minutes all being well – although she did point out that the pressures on the service might mean it was longer. We got a phone call at about 1.30am and the person I spoke to felt I should be checked over by paramedics.

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An ambulance arrived a little less than an hour later with three young paramedics on board – Sam, Ella and Yana. They were calm and reassuring and did various tests including an ECG, which showed no problems.

Much to my relief they felt I did not need to go to hospital.

The NHS get lots of brickbats but we were very impressed by the whole service.

Thanks from my husband and myself to their calm friendly and professional approach.