IT was good news to read that the Government has awarded £100 million pounds for transport projects in Herefordshire (What will Herefordshire do with £100 million transport cash? March 9).

Added to the £900,000 awarded last year for the bus service improvement plan, this means that our lives are about to improve for the better. I hope Herefordshire Council will implement the Campaign for Rural England’s fully costed plan, 2018, for bus services in “every village every hour”.


My bus service, the 476 Ledbury to Hereford route, was cut to two hourly in February 2022, which makes it difficult to join other services and to connect to trains at Ledbury and Hereford.

It is impossible to get to Gloucester on public transport at present. The railway was cut in the 1960s and the bus service in 2022. Meanwhile, thousands of houses have been built in Herefordshire, so there are thousands more cars on the roads.

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The most sustainable form of transport is by rail, then by bus and when there is no alternative, we have to travel by car. The more journeys that can be made by rail and bus, the less pollution.

Improvements in bus and rail services, pedestrianisation, and improved facilities for those who have to drive, such as a free park and ride car park, would improve the environment.