PETROL prices are at their lowest in more than two years, say the RAC.

A litre of unleaded petrol now costs 142.57p on average at the pumps, a price not seen since the end of October 2021.

It is around 10p a litre cheaper than in the run-up to last Christmas, but diesel prices have not fallen.



With many people set to fill their tank in the last few days before Christmas, we look at the current prices in Hereford, according to the PetrolPrices app.



Hereford Times:

Unleaded 134.9p

Super unleaded 144.9p

Diesel 143.9p

West Hereford Service Station, Whitecross Road

Unleaded 135.3p

Super unleaded 149.5p

Diesel 145.3p

Asda Belmont

Unleaded 135.7p

Super unleaded n/a

Diesel 143.7p

Asda Holmer Road

Unleaded 135.7p

Super unleaded 146.7p

Diesel 144.7p

Premium diesel 154.7p

Hinton Service Station

Unleaded 135.8p

Super unleaded 145.8p

Diesel 144.8p

Tesco Belmont

Unleaded 135.9p

Super unleaded 142.9p

Diesel 143.9p

Tupsley Express

Unleaded 137.9p

Super unleaded 150.9p

Diesel 145.9p

Premium diesel 158.9p

MFG Hereford, Ledbury Road

Unleaded 137.9p

Super unleaded 159.9p

Diesel 146.9p

Premium diesel 169.9p

City Service Station, Commercial Road

Unleaded 138.9p

Super unleaded n/a

Diesel 147.9p

Premium diesel 162.9p

Rotherwas Service Station

Hereford Times:

Unleaded 145.9p

Super unleaded 159.9p

Diesel 155.9p

Premium diesel 169.9p