THE wife of a well-known Hereford businessman has paid tribute to him.

Robert Broadfoot was the owner of Hereford Gold, a jewellers that he set up in Commercial Road in 1977.

Initially called Discount Jewellery, Mr Broadfoot also had his mother Violet and sister Margaret working with him, with his father Robert, younger sister Violet and cousin Mary joining the business at a later date. 

His wife Philippa then started helping out 32 years ago, discovering a love for the business. 


"A lot of people in Hereford knew him," said Mrs Broadfoot.

"He had a knack of talking to people and liked going to the pub because he was a very sociable person."

Mrs Broadfoot added that her husband was a proud Scotsman who gained a passion for football and boxing while serving in the RAF. 

He later became a buyer for various companies, including jewellers, and set up Hereford Gold with proceeds he made from running market stalls and the balance of his redundancy money from a previous job.