PROTESTS are due to be held at two Boxing Day hunts in Herefordshire.

The Herefordshire Hunt Sabs have created respective events on Facebook, asking people to come and protest against the hunts. 

These are in Ledbury and Bromyard respectively. 


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The former, Herefordshire Hunt Sabs say, will be a peaceful protest against Ledbury Ledbury Hunt, who they allege, are still hunting foxes 18 years against the hunting ban.

"Boxing Day is their biggest meet of the year, attempting to present fox hunting as a quaint, countryside tradition," they said.

"This is an opportunity to rain on their parade, making it clear that 'trail hunting' is nothing more than a smokescreen, concocted to disguise the reality of a barbaric pastime that should have been consigned to the history books years ago."

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Last year, more than 37,000 signed a petition to stop the hunt, which called on Herefordshire Council's highways department not to grant the road closure needed for the event to take place.

However, the hunt still went ahead. 

Meanwhile, a similar protest is due to take place in Bromyard from 9.45am to 11.30am. 

Tim Hinton, from the Herefordshire and Clifton Hunt, said the hunt is delighted to meet at the Square on Boxing Day, adding that the festive meet is one of the highlights of the hunting calendar for so many people in the local community and is an event they look forward to each year.

Hereford Times: The Bromyard hunt in 2021The Bromyard hunt in 2021

Polly Portwin, from the Countryside Alliance, said: "Across the country, hundreds of meets will be taking place on Boxing Day and throughout the festive period, bringing thousands of people from all walks of life across towns and villages.

"They are a highlight of the festivities for many, particularly those from isolated communities.

"At a time when many high streets are struggling, meets inject energy and life and offer many local businesses, including pubs, cafes and shops, a much-needed economic boost at a crucial time of year.

"They are symbolic of the Great British countryside and an event that must be cherished and protected."

There will also be a Boxing Day hunt in Ross-on-Wye.