A HEREFORDSHIRE singer has done a cover of Rick Astley's most famous hit as part of a Beefy Boys Christmas advert. 

Jake Gamble, known as Jake of Diamonds, reached the semi-finals of ITV1 talent show, The Voice last year. 

He has become a popular face around the county thanks to his performances, with the musician first starting singing when he was 14. 


And many more people will have a chance to hear his voice after singing a cover version of Never Gonna Give You Up as part of the Beefy Boys' Christmas advert.

Hereford Times: Jake of Diamonds appearing in the Beefy Boys' Christmas advertJake of Diamonds appearing in the Beefy Boys' Christmas advert (Image: The Beefy Boys/Shooting Reels)

The popular burger joint were seen filming outside of its Old Market site in Hereford last Friday (December 1). 

Revealing the advert this evening (December 4), the Beefy Boys said they decided to 'jump on the Christmas advert bandwagon' with content production company, Shooting Reels filming the footage.

The two-minute long advert starts with a mum and her two children walking by the restaurant before it cuts to a couple sat on a bench eating burger and chips. It catches the boy's eye, so is dragged away by his mum.

A heart-warming moment of the boy looking at the couple, which includes the man coughing, is then shown before it cuts to Jake of Diamonds, wearing a Santa hat and Christmas jumper, singing while playing the guitar.

Tears will then have to be at the ready as the advert again shows the boy, but this time when he looks at the bench, only the woman is sat there.

With snow falling, the boy looks down at a £20 note and goes into the Beefy Boys restaurant and is served a burger.

He goes to the woman with the bag, resulting in her smiling. The boy waves her goodbye and is seen smiling in a car as it's driven away.


Going back to the bench, the woman is joined by her husband who is carrying two coffees. He asks: "what was that all about?" to which his wife replies, "f*** knows" with a the swearword bleeped out.

As the car drives back, the boy sees the couple as they enjoy their coffee before the advert ends with a 'Merry Christmas from the Beefy Boys' message, with a take out bag placed next to a burger.

Within an hour, the advert had already been viewed 17,000 times on Facebook, with over 2,000 people liking it on the Beefy Boys' page.

Stacey Alice Kitt said: "Best Christmas advert ever. Well done. Absolutely brilliant."

Daniel Lister also said it was brilliant, adding it had him in tears to falling off the sofa in laughter, while Michelle Mill said it had made her year.