A HUNT has been launched for a dog and its owner after a reported attack in a Hereford street.

Police were called to Waggoners Way at around 8.15 pm on November 13 after a report of someone having been bitten by a dog.

Officers attended the scene and found a man with injuries to his leg.

The dog and owner left the incident before officers arrived and investigations are now ongoing to find them both, a West Mercia Police spokesperson said.


Victim John Hughes said the dog, which was not on a lead, chased him as he left his front door and tried to cross the road, biting his leg and causing him to fall.

“It carried on and wouldn’t let go, I was kicking it until it partly released my leg,” he said.

“My jeans wouldn’t tear for what seemed like an eternity.”

After the bottom of his trousers ripped, allowing him to free himself, Mr Hughes said that the dog’s owner put a lead on the animal and fled the scene.

After police arrived, Mr Hughes left to have his injuries treated. He says he remained in the hospital until 5am the next day.

He believes that the dog was a bull-type breed.

Mr Hughes said: “If it was a five or six-year-old child that would’ve been it basically.”

“A one-off can become a two-off.”

“That dog should be put down.”

He was keen to appeal to locals who own large, powerful dogs and encourage them to keep their pets muzzled, and on a lead at all times.