HAVING previewed a new café that has opened in Hereford, I decided to have a look when I was recently in the city centre

Pre is at Maylord Orchards Shopping Centre, the same site where there have been previous cafes such as Coffee and Muffins (previously BB's Coffee and Muffins) and the Life & Soul Kitchen. 

It is run by Wobbly Brewing Company, who have also recently taken over the Secret Garden pub on the edge of the city.


Operating as a café in the daytime, the venue turns into a bar in the evening with regular live music events adding to the occasion. 

I'm glad that someone has taken on the site, especially in light of Wilko closing, which makes Maylords look like an empty shell. 

Boards advertising that Pre is open are outside the café, as well as at the end of Maylord Street, by Widemarsh Street. 

Hereford Times: The Pre café is situated in Maylord OrchardsThe Pre café is situated in Maylord Orchards (Image: Paul Rogers/Hereford Times)

Having not long eaten, I only fancied a coffee, although the cakes were very tempting. 

Hereford Times:

I therefore made do with a latte, and very nice it was too.

Maeve Moon, who runs the café part of the business, explained how they use local producers, with all of the milk being organic. 

I had a chat with Maeve while I was there, and she explained her vision for the place and how she sees it as somewhere that can hold all kinds of events. There is a noticeboard advertising what's going on in the area. 

Hereford Times: Inside Pre caféInside Pre café (Image: Paul)

Sadly, the weather wasn't that great when I went, so the outside door remained shut. However, I can see it being a perfect place to unwind when the sun is out. 

And as a fan of live music, I will aim to check out what it is like in the evening in the not too distant future.