A NEW café and bar that hopes 'to bring life' to a depleted shopping centre in Hereford opens today (Thursday).

Pre is being run by Wobbly Taphouse, a brewery situated in Beech Business Park, on the edge of the city. 

However, it has recruited extra staff with the venue being run as a café in the daytime and bar in the evening.


"We're super excited to bring life to Maylords and offer a different way to eat and drink in the city," said joint manager, Maeve Moon. 

"We've got a really inclusive allergen-free menu - all of our milk is organic dairy, we're not buying from conglomerate companies.

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"We work together as a really strong family team so it's a really nice wholesome place to come with live music and offering space for different kinds of events."

High protein fruit smoothies are on offer in the café to entice gym users from the nearby Anytime Fitness, while bar drinks include keg and cask beers, lagers, cocktails and shots. 

The venue replaces the Life and Soul Kitchen, which has been empty for a number of months.