WILL the 540 new houses to be built in Hereford by Bloor Homes be true freehold homes, or will people who buy them find themselves saddled with a contract binding them to pay an annual estate rent charge (a service charge) levied by a managing agent? 

What are your thoughts?

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People who have bought such homes on estates throughout the UK have found that their local council signed over responsibility for the maintenance of sewage systems, footpaths, roads, street-lights, etc, to a managing agent who the house-builder has embedded in home-owners' contracts, so that the home-owners are then forever answerable to the managing agent, to whom they must pay an annual estate rent charge - as well as continuing to pay the annual council tax to the local council. 

So in other words, are the 540 new Bloor homes to be true freehold homes - or are they to be "fleecehold" homes, otherwise known as "fake freehold"?

David Cade