I READ Sir Bill Wiggin’s commentary on various items with interest. I cannot, however, allow two of them to pass without comment.

It is only fair to point out that the Ultra Low Emission Zone is but an extension of the clean air charging scheme introduced by Boris Johnson when he was the Mayor of London.

The area concerned and the need to raise additional income were both enlarged and increased by an edict issued by Grant Shapps, and, additionally, imposed upon Greater Manchester.

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Secondly, while the potential for trade arising from membership of the Trans-Pacific Partnership might indeed be great at some time in the long term, the government's estimate is that in the medium term the gain to the UK’s GDP will not exceed 0.08 per cent.

Finally, I envy the farmers who are to be invited to Sir Bill’s round-table meetings, and wonder if he might extend a similar courtesy to party members such as myself, and constituents at large.


It was disappointing that his renomination was decreed without our being able to discuss with him the events of the last 18 months.

CT Campbell