I WRITE to correct a statement made by Julia Evans, in which she refers to the decision to cancel the “western bypass” being “rushed through”.

The decision to cancel this project was made by council on February 2, 2021, so 21 months after the May 2019 elections. It was made after a comprehensive report was prepared by the consultants who worked on the original plan for the western route dated October 2020 which provided good evidence to support the decision made at the council meeting - hardly a rushed decision.

The plan to move the library must be made quickly because of the date by which money allocated to the project must be spent.

There is no choice.

What are your thoughts?

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I look forward to the next stage with officers preparing a report which sets out the evidence to enable an informed decision to be made.

My hope is that this will also consider the consequences for Maylord Orchards should the decision be to put the library in the Shirehall, a future which may be affected by the potential sad demise of Wilko.


I also hope that, as with the decision to cancel the western route, it will be made based on proper evidence including that from external professional advisers.

Councillor David Hitchiner

Deputy leader, Independents for Herefordshire