I WAS disappointed to read Sir Bill Wiggin’s Talking point published in the Hereford Times (August 24).

It seems delusional (or perhaps just ignorant) that in this day and age, any representative of our country should seemingly show so little regard for our swiftly declining, habitable environment.

Sir Bill refers to the Labour and Green parties as “making war on car owners”. It is difficult to tell if this is Sir Bill’s true opinion, or whether he in fact is just feeling worried about the safety of his own parliamentary seat and wishes to disparage others instead of attempting to make change for the good himself - the easier option I rather think.

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As a 19-year-old care worker who travels around the community on a bicycle, I find Sir Bill’s words closed-minded and frankly insulting, as he implies that the British public are reliant on, or perhaps addicted to, their vehicles. This may be true for Sir Bill who has likely never taken public transport in his life, but it is hard to take his opinions seriously for this reason. 


Lastly, Sir Bill describes this "war on car owners" as "devastating". I, as many young people, find the fact that our world will be largely uninhabitable in the next 40 years far more devastating, and I implore Sir Bill to think of this impact, if not for himself, than for his children. 

Lucy Martin