AS someone who takes a passing interest in local history I was fascinated to read Sir Bill Wiggin’s Talking points in recent editions of the Hereford Times.

His views should be pickled for future generations so that they can look back open-jawed with incredulity that a politician could have stubbornly peddled such narrow and retrograde opinions so far into the 2020s.

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That cars should be king in perpetuity and that pollution should not matter, with the world in flames all awhile, are indeed the last and flailing prejudices of a dying breed.

I am almost dewy-eyed with nostalgia for such simplistic and antiquated world views.


These priceless gems of a by-gone era must, I submit, be kept for posterity.

Before extinction beckons let us slap a preservation label on him, pack him off to the Herefordshire Archives and Record Centre and file him under ‘D’ for ‘Dinosaur’.

Let other wiser and more enlightened individuals steer our county into the future.

John Martin