TRANSPORT for Wales continues to ignore the dangers of overcrowding on the services between Manchester and Cardiff.

On Good Friday, I travelled on the 11.20am between Leominster and Newport. The train was 10 minutes late and already crammed full, it was standing room only at Leominster.

It became busier at Hereford and Abergavenny and at Cwmbran, the guard had to effectively move people into the aisles between seats so that a mother could board with her child in a pushchair.


Those who moved had nothing to hold onto and could do nothing to help themselves as the train swayed along the tracks.

At Newport, even more customers were waiting to board the two ancient carriages. The people who live along this route, in England and Wales, deserve better.

New running stock is promised but so far has not been provided on this route.


When will Transport for Wales do something to resolve the issue of inadequate provision of rail services to the Marches?

This is a disgraceful way to run a railway and is a tragedy waiting to happen.



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