I write in response to the incident in High Town involving an unconfirmed child hostage situation, and the deployment of a West Mercia Police firearms team (herefordtimes.com, March 28).

Local policing Superintendent Helen Wain commander said that the police response was “proportionate”. No it wasn’t.

It was way over the top. Look at the firearms team, armed and kitted out as if they were going to storm a building containing ISIS terrorists, prepared to fight to the death.


Ask any of the residents in some nearby apartments who had their front doors smashed in to gain entry.

And I believe that two men, in at the time, received very rough handling by the police. For their own safety of course, and that of others.


For the armed police officers involved, this was their 15 minutes of fame.

Unless they had served in the Army, which I doubt, this was maybe their one and only chance to deploy on a task that might give them the chance to open fire, so they make the most of it, grandstanding Hollywood-style all the way.



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