I WISH to record my very grateful thanks and appreciation to all of the various local NHS staff who were involved during the late/early hours of last Friday night/Saturday morning.

That includes the 999 call handler, two ambulance paramedic teams, Hereford County Hospital A&E team and all staff members.

I was forced to ring 999 as I wanted some help for my dear partner who was exhibiting unusual signs and was not responding properly.


The 999 call handler kept me talking on the phone and very soon, blue lights were seen flashing outside. They could not have arrived any sooner.

Three paramedics rushed in and started their procedure. A second team was also requested and they soon decided that CPR inside their ambulance was required, then very quickly, changed to being taken into Hereford County Hospital.

I was taken there in the second ambulance. My partner’s name means “Hope” and that was all I could do as these fully professional NHS team members, all of whom sprung into action.

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With all of their combined experience and equipment, dealing with cardiac arrest cases, is not the best of call-outs for them to have to respond to, I have since learned and so it was in our case. After all their valiant efforts, she so very sadly not able to be saved.

I am so grateful to them all – combined they were simply superb. They fully deserve a full gold star award for their actions and attention.


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