CONCERNING the main A49 trunk road passing through Hereford (Bridge fears, March 2), as a resident and a business owner it is not unreasonable to be allowed to have a say in how our city is managed rather than just be expected to pay our taxes and that’s it!

There are many issues relating to the city of Hereford is governed that are a major concern to many of us but any attempt to voice, our concerns merely fall on deaf ears.

It’s time that someone stands to represent the people of our great county before it’s too late, and back the governing of a county, and it be placed in the hands of those who have the necessary wisdom that benefits us all and remove those who have been placed into positions because of association or family position.


We really need to set up bodies that are genuinely placed by the residents of the county of Herefordshire to represent the residents and businesses, even with the minimum amount of wisdom, it’s not hard to see if a car breaks down on the bridge how that alone affects the whole city, and the emergency services.

Who in their right mind would not consider that Hereford needs a second bridge?



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