THE article on February 23 regarding MPs seeking more detail regarding the Home Office plan to house asylum seekers reflected badly upon Sir Bill Wiggin MP.

His use of the term “illegal migrants” was disgraceful, particularly as he later acknowledges that legislation to make “boat people” illegal has yet to be passed.

The bulk of the 100,000 or so arrivals are “asylum seekers”, as described by Jesse Norman MP.

A recent report from Durham University has established that many have arrived here as a result of Brexit, something supported by Sir Bill.


Sir Bill spends a day a week working for offshore finance entities in Bermuda and the Caymans. We pay him to represent us, but he earns about £250,000 a year from these sources in addition to his parliamentary salary.

Perhaps he should donate his salary to a charity fighting to save the Wye from the pollution that has occurred during his 21 years in the Commons, or one aiding asylum seekers?



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