I AM writing in relation to your article about asylum seekers coming to the Three Counties Hotel.

I agree completely with the Bishop of Hereford that we should keep open minds and help these people to integrate (herefordtimes.com, March 7).

Even though I appreciate that pressure will be placed on our services, I am pleased that our county is playing its part in this very difficult issue.


It is taking far too long for the Government to process asylum applications, particularly of some Albanians who cannot justify staying on grounds of their safety.

This is what we should be complaining about.


In the meantime, it will be good to have more people here from other countries, so our children can learn more about the outside world.

Our community can be too insular.


Hentland, near Ross-on-Wye

Editor's note: A number of questions have been answered by the Hereford Times and Herefordshire Council. They can be found here.

Seeking asylum is a legal right.

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