IN reply to the letter by Ty Symonds (, December 27), I no longer shop in Hereford.

If I want to meet a friend, mooch around the shops and have lunch, it will cost me at least £8 just to park for four hours.


Added to which, as a disabled person, but without a blue card, I find it hard to walk a long distance to move my car to a different parking space in a different street.

The two-hour parking limit on streets precludes all-day parking and the all-day car parks are too far to walk for me.


Ledbury or Ross are much more welcoming, with lots of lovely independent shops and cafes. For a special day out, Abergavenny has it all, including cheap parking.

Herefordshire’s councillors have destroyed the city centre with their parking charges.


Fownhope, near Hereford

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