DOG owners who use Hereford Racecourse to walk their pets have been given a stern warning by bosses.

After putting frost covers down on the track ahead of Saturday, bosses said all dogs should be on leads.

Owners have also been told to not let pets run or play on the covers as it causes irreparable damage.


In 2021, the racecourse slammed dog owners who left their pets' poo on the track and let them rip frost covers, putting fixtures in doubt.

The executive director of the course in Roman Road Rebecca Davies said the damage to the covers was frustrating for her dedicated team.

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Although she admitted most dog owners have been responsible, she criticised the small minority who "let their pets run loose" and rip the frost covers used to protect the track from the elements.

Hereford Times: Rebecca Davies, executive director of Hereford RacecourseRebecca Davies, executive director of Hereford Racecourse

In the past, Rebecca Davies said she has been approached by a jockey who said dog poo had been kicked up into his face during a race.


She said in January 2021: "We know it's dog walkers, we see it day in, day out. There are signs in the middle of the course asking people to keep dogs on leads, to pick up dog foul, and to not let dogs go on the actual racing surface.

"Day in, day out, we see it being ignored and our signs get vandalised and damaged. It's just really frustrating."