HEREFORDSHIRE, get ready for your profligate council to come after you for the maximum allowance of five per cent increase on your council tax (as per the Government’s Autumn Statement).

It’s axiomatic this rise will hit the poorest hardest.

I’m not going to list the welldocumented failures; suffice to say Herefordshire is one of the smallest unitary authorities yet has a chief executive on well over £200,000 a year and six other top executives on over £100,000.


It’s a great shame, as I’m sure as every last one of the readers of the Hereford Times will tighten their belts, that our elected council can’t say, hands up, it is going to freeze council tax make some savings and give us all a break.

Götterdämmerung syndrome… Come local election time hopefully we can get back to party who can control the excuses, or do I mean the excesses.



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